Role: Modeling, texture work as well as rendered and lit certain elements.

In an effort to bring more awareness and bring people together in support of Burma's people our company Shilo recently created this spot. Not only are the horrible atrocities happening to them by their government but now having to recover from the resent cyclone Nargis.
My heart goes out to these peRole:aceful people. please view the video and give any kind of support you can.
Quoted from We Make it Good
"We joined forces with an amazing group of people to create this viral public service announcement (PSA). The purpose was to raise awareness on the Burmese peoples ongoing peaceful protests against their military government’s notorious human rights violations. Working on this piece was a unique experience for us and it was exciting to work with such a passionate group of people.
An important goal for each of us, in every project we take on, is getting people to think. With this piece, it is not just a provocation but a call to action. The people of Burma are oppressed: They are not free to express themselves. At Shilo, we are a group of individuals who make art for our livelihoods and we value personal expression as the highest of our freedoms. We are inviting people to join the global conversation about this issue and hopefully we’ll inspire people to make a positive difference for the people of Burma.
This has become even more relevant due to this weekend’s cyclone that ravaged the area, killing thousands. Please join us in showing your support for this cause. Here are some helpful sites."

Marketers: MTV Network and
Supervisor: John Jackson - Director of Social Responsibility (MTV Network)
Supervisor: Suki Dusanj - Head of Events (Burma Campaign UK)
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Amsterdam)
Executive Creative Director: Carl Le Blond
Agency Producer: Brenda Bentz van den Berg
Production Company: Shilo (New York, USA)
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Lead Artists: Andre Stringer, Tamir Sapir, David Hill
Matte Painting: Mathieu Reynault and Rodeo FX, Andre Stringer, Marco Giampaolo, Cassidy Gearhart, Noah Conopask,
3D Animators: Henning Koczy, Richard Cayton, Ohad Bracha, Bren Wilson, Eugen Sasu, Keil Figgens
Lead Modeler: Scott Denton
3D Artists: Christina Ku, Richard Kim, Warren Heimall, Craig Kohlemeyer
Compositors: David Hill, Andre Stringer, Tamir Sapir, Cassidy Gearhart, Noah Conopask, Stieg Retlin
Typography: Evan Dennis
Miniature Design: Willi Patton
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Sound Design: Dante Nou
Coordinator: Danielle Smith
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Executive Producer (UK): Mark Hanrahan
Music: Music production and arrangement: Good Sounds Amsterdam

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